The Inspiration

When creating a business plan there are many specifics that need to be address. Specifics such as Management plan, financial control, Technology plan or principal location.  These are just a few of the many components that are required to created a thorough and well thought out business plan.  There are classes and seminars on the best ways to do this, but how many of this resources give you the simply advice to be professional and your-self.  

I understand this to mean, to make your plans according to what fits to you, yet make them factual.  So many of us get caught up in the process that we loose ourselves or forget the main reason we started.  This in the end causes many of us to create something that, when it is all said and done, are not happy with.  For those who are successful in receive necessary funding and follow through with the plan anyway end up failing a few miles down the road.  Do you think there is a large chance this is due to the fact they followed through with someone else dreams, hopes and idea.

 After researching Jay-Z and Russell Simmons, I was able to see the entire process in a new light.  Through there techniques and styles I realized that knowing the business, and having the education is not enough to run or create your own business.   It is important that you keep your main goals in mind during the entire process and while the business continues to grow.  To many times companies, after reaching a numerous amount of goals or after being in business for so long, tend to get, well, comfortable where they are and feel no need to continue to grow.
Jay-Z and Russell have yet to settle in their seats.  Once their companies have reach a certain plateau they are able to move on to bigger and better things.  They were able to start something new or partner with someone that would make a change or difference.  Mr. Summons now has a corporation with many establishments under its name.  These companies are set up not only to make money but also to help make a change.  Looking at the purpose of most of his business it is obvious he works to create a pathway for those who are having harder times than the average moneymaker.

While being honest with myself I have made changes to my plan that reflect more of what I find realistic to what I am capable of when starting my business.  Some changes include the property where the company will be established, the numbers of employees that will work for me to the type of music I plan to focus on.  Of course changes to any business plan can be made in the future, however these changes better focus on the start of the company, as well as the immediate future.

These two experts were an inspiration to me, in that they prove creativity is something that is not lost, but instead redirected as you grow in your abilities to keep the business wheel moving.  I have learned that having knowledge of the business is not enough.  Running a business requires me to know the business, as well as myself.  Being aware of my week points, strong points and my limits is very important in that it can help or hurt my success.  These factors combined with the personality can make a long lasting impression on an investor.  Therefore it is important that in the process of creating my business plan, to remember to stay true to what my goals are, research the market well, establish the uniqueness of my plan in a way that portrays who I am, and the excitement of the possibilities of the future.   


Expert View on Business Plans

There are many people who come to mind when thinking of business planners.   Knowing I write about music, I will focus more on those in the Entertainment industry.  For example, Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, would be a wonderful example of a business planner.  Starting at a very early age he began to think outside of the box and make a name for himself.  At an early age he learned to become self sufficient as well as how to hustle to survive.  He dove into the world of rap music and learned quickly in his endeavors that he did not want to follow the usual path to success.


He worked with a few artists and participated with a group called Original Flavor for a short while.  He soon realized that he did not want to follow the same route as his associates but instead he, along with his friends Damon Dash and Kareem Burke decided to start his own record label call Roc-a-Fella Records.  Once the distribution was established he was later able to release his debut album.  This was in 1996, today Roc-a-Fella has become an empire and includes more business such as Roc-a-Fella Films and Rockawear.  Today Jay-Z has partnered with Live Nation to create ROC Nation.  Live Nation is spread across 33 countries and is know to be one of the top producers of live concerts and their partnership with Jay-z has proven to be nothing but successful.   He later went on to become the president of Def Jam which was started by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin. He did not stop there though.  He went on to become part owner of the New Jersey Nets.  

 Through all of this some of the basic things that he believes that makes you successful is being true to who you are.  He believes that the businesses that he partners with he does because they are a part of him and who he is.  Starting a business because it is something you like and want to do is a key factor as well as being able to see ahead.

Russell Simmons has generally the same thought in mind.  He believes you should be true to yourself and know what you want and stick with it.  As mentioned earlier Russell Simmons is part founder of Def Jams, he is also one who has been a large influence in the music, fashion, poetry and comedic world of the industry.  Russell Simmons, like Jay-Z, born in NewYork.  However unlike Jay-Z he was raised in a home with parents who had stable careers. 


As mentioned earlier Russell Simmons is part founder of Def Jams, he is also one who has been a large influence in the music, fashion, poetry and comedic world of the industry.  He started in the music industry with the Def Jam label and later became more of a businessman through his Corporation Rush Communications which encompasses a management company, a clothing line, a production company a magazine, Financial services and much more.  Today, even though he is still known for the music he produced, he is now well known as a media and fashion mogul.  He speaks on his success and he believes the key factor is believing in yourself and your ideas.  

This key factor helps when you are alone it what you want to do but continue to try and work it on your own.  Others around see how hard you are working to make it happen and they may want to participate.  Not being in a rush to make it is also something that you would have to keep in mind.  Success is something that may take time.   Apparently these key factors have worked for him since he is still up and running and continuously adding more business to his corporation.  He is currently working on producing another reality show about his office.  

Even with the negative publicity reality TV has been receiving he has found a way to turn it positive.  He believes through the shows he has produces it has given some form of positive influence to those who watch.  Whether it is show like Run house or his new show about his office that focus on the Career of the woman that work for him.   He has learned to take the things he has interest in and roll it into a package that he can show and sell to the consumer.