New to the scene

Today’s businesses are faced with a lot of discussions, choices and risk from day one of creating and establishing their company. Knowing I myself, want to manage and promote I look for ways to help level if not delete most of the stresses of starting your own business. There are many articles papers, books and advice online to read but I find it more aspiring to talk with those who have experienced the process first hand. After speaking with a few people who have worked on their own they have the same thing to say. It is easier with a partner than going at it alone. Kevin Yule is one who has worked for the past 4 years to get his music promotions business going. Kevin is a proficient saxophonist who says that one of his biggest conflicts is holding a day job. Because of prior obligations that he is required to fill, it makes it difficult to focus 100% into the company. Because of this he has little time to promote his business and only a few artist. He invested 100% of his own money and he is still working to break even. For some this may not be bad if you have the money to do it and a day job that is enjoyed just as much as the company that is being invested in. These trials do not discourage him though. He encourages anyone who wants to do the same to find others with the same common goal and want to partner with.
I also had a chance to speak with Ally Quinn from Q2. Ally and her husband Jim have had the pleasure of working together to promote themselves for the past 4 years. For her it has been wonderful to have her husband to work with. She says, for her one of the biggest pushers for promoting themselves is advertising. They have found that most of their success comes from word of mouth. By keeping themselves busy with a multitude of gigs it brings in a steady flow of profit. Q2 also has day jobs but because it is in their chosen field so it is seems less of a hindrance for them. Regardless in which direction one decides to go it seems to be a common thought and goal to advertise and network as much a possible before your business opens and even more so once it is up and running. Your business will depend on the connections you make with other people in the industry. (Gilmore)

Gilmore James (2010) How to Start a Music Promotion Business | eHow.com 


keeping up with the Industry

The New Music Seminar (NMS) is a great tool that is beneficial to the artist, the entrepreneur and the fan. In a do it yourself society there are many things to learn about the music industry. New Music Seminar brings all aspects of the music industry under one roof for only a few days, so that one may get a chance to network, learn, or mentor. With participants such as Nile Rogers, David Goodman and Jamie Dominquez, there will be a wide variety of topics. The purpose of the seminar is for all, those with a love for music, to meet in one place to share new ideas, new trends, to be mentor or to mentor or to simply network with others in your field. It is a chance for those who have a strong passion to work in the music industry to bump elbows with great people who have established themselves in the industry.

There will be opportunities during break out sessions to sit in a relaxed environment and pick the speakers or host brain with questions. NMS is about meeting together with like minds to discuss the new movement in music, to be innovative and encouraged. NMS is a great place to send employees for refreshers or to stay abreast of current trends and topics in the industry. Being able to sit with many of the established professionals, whether it is the CEO artist or manager, of a company New Music Seminar should be a requirement for most if not all to attend in order to network, gather ideas of what could be done for better opportunities for their company or just to simply learn for them selves. There will be many topics discuss about the industry it self, for example, and how many artist are able to do so much on their own. Once given the chance to I too, plan to take advantage of such an opportunity to learn, and network as well as scout for clients. It is because of seminars such as this one that those who are working with a do it your-self attitude, are able to get ahead in the industry.