Rushing through...

Have you ever driven anywhere and taken that quick look in your side view mirror or out of the back window to check for other cars coming?  You know the kind of look that you think you see everything.  Then, when you proceed to move into the next lane, you are startled by a blaring horn letting you know to go back. 

I think of that and wonder sometimes if that is how we can be with God.  We take a quick listen and rush off to complete the task.  Or half listen and misunderstand what he is telling us all together.

We tend to do that with God at times.  We pray and ask for help, patience, or even courage, but when God try’s to direct us in the way we should go we quickly rush off to do what we think He is telling us to do.  We should remember to slowly look before moving, or sit still and listening intently to the directions so that we are more successful in the ways he directs us.

It is so easy sometimes to get comfortable in the word we know and forget that the word is for constant growth.  So even if you have been a devout Christian for 40 years there is always something that could be learned or practiced, causing us to constantly grow and mature spiritually.

Are actions should reflect the love of instruction from our heavenly father…. (Prov. 12:1).  Not only through our thoughts but also through our actions we are too listen and obey.  To many times we as Christians tend to want to rush through things in life.  Once we start doing that, we begin to miss the smaller things that support the bigger picture.   We make it harder on ourselves to see and understand what it is he wants us to do or say when we get comfortable in one season of our lives and maybe a little to relaxed to where we don’t act with care.  Are actions may become careless and we may begin to allow certain things in our life we KNOW is not of God because we feel we are up for the challenge.

  But of course God is so great and wonderful and knows that we are not perfect and so He waits patiently like a loving parent does for us to sit and listen carefully.  He waits for us to give Him our undivided attention to receive the lesson(s) we are to learn.  Young or old we all have moments that we slip up and rush through. 

Me personally, I am grateful to my God for his guiding hand, patience and understanding.  I believe because He knows us better than we know ourselves he understands and waits till we are ready to listen.


A Small Serving of Patience


So today I started off as it usually does, I had planned to cook this big breakfast that my kids so long for on the weekends.  To me it’s nothing big, just pancakes or french toast, sausage or bacon and eggs, but to them it is the BEST BREAKFAST EVER!  During the thought process and mental preparation of getting ready to cook I receive this thought... let them cook everything.    Well of course my first thought was ugh, I am not sure I have the patience for this. However the thought was persistent and after a minute or two I realize that God is telling me to.   So even though I am not in the mood I proceed to get everything set up for them to cook the breakfast while I guide them.  I only cooked the sausage only because it pops out grease and with it being the first time they cook EVERYTHING themselves.  Man this is going to be a long morning is what I started thinking to myself.

by stu_spivack's
So as I am calling them in to give them instructions and let them know that they will be doing everything, of course they were super excited.  The youngest, who is five, is to short to reach the stove and we don't have much counter space so I assigned her the duty of setting the table.  My son was in charge of the pancakes, and my 7 year old cooked the eggs.  Needless to say the kitchen was alive and very active.  As we got things rolling God began to show me how this was to be a lesson for both the children and me.  He was giving us a lesson on patience and responsibility. 

Sometimes we are quick to do things for our children without realizing that maybe they are able to do it on their own.  He was showing me that I should have more patience and give them more room to grow and to be responsible. 

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right. 
Prov. 20:11

by gemb1's
He was showing my children that patience is not just for the parent but also for the child.  God was helping them to realize that everything does not happen like magic (because children sometimes think everything comes easy and free), as well as showing them first hand, the labor that goes into giving care for their meals and what it means to be patient, even when you may be hungry or tired. 

God wants us to teach and bring our children up in the word.  We are to be examples of walking in Gods word so that they are better able to understand the concept of applying the word to life on a daily basis. So it was important that my patience was expressed and was positive.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Prov. 22:6

by commanderjaygold

Once the breakfast was done, I explained to them how my 5 year old (because she didn’t have much to do she spent most of her time waiting complaining about it taking to long) actions is usually how all of them may act at times when I am doing my best to get it done.  I explained to them how this is not being patient.  By having them cook the meals themselves together they also learned that with one person doing it all it would take longer and maybe a little more difficult, so patience would be a good way to be graceful and kind to those who are helping.

When all was said and done, I think they enjoyed this breakfast just a little more, not just because they cooked it themselves but also because they felt they had a little more responsibility and a better understanding of what it is to be understood.


A Joyous Moment

As I watched my children complete their crafts for their advent calendars, I sat back and watched and enjoyed them. It was a moment of peace.  You see this is our first year working on an advent calendar from beginning to finish. Before I would purchase the ones that have candy or toys in them as a treat for each day.  We would start off great but after the first week I would forget to let them flip it open for the surprise inside.  Looking back, I also realize there was no substance to what I was doing.  I had not given any lessons or reminders to what the calendar was for.  They just saw it as a countdown calendar to Christmas. 

 This year, I felt it had to be different. This year I felt convicted and wanted to make sure they truly understood what it was they were doing, why this month is so special and to make sure they new it WAS NOT about receiving a overload of toys. So when we started they were not sure what to expect. At first they didn't care to read the verses because I read the same story to them early in the day for their bible lesson. They just wanted to do the craft and have fun. 

Well after a few days of the advent calendar my children were reminding me to work on the calendar.  They liked looking for the clues of what they would be doing that day.  I was happy to see that all three of them were enjoying the different projects.

We actually fell behind a few days because we were searching for certain materials for the projects so tonight we sat down and work on them so that we were caught up. Even though I was tired and tempted to wait until tomorrow I didn't and you know, I was grateful that I did not allow my flesh to decide.

 They happily took turns reading and listening to the stories from the bible and patiently waited for instructions of how to create the craft. To continue in this mood of worship they even used there time while waiting for everyone to finish their craft to continue praising God through song and dance. 

 It was one of those moments that I felt so blessed and grateful to be homeschooling. It is moments like this that are confirmations that I am doing what God intended for me to do. So I pulled out the camera and took a few pictures to help hold on to this moment!



I was thinking about a previous article I wrote about the sparrow and wondered, Hmmm where the song came from, or where it originated.  This is something we don’t think of very often, but I am sure it comes up once in awhile in conversations, but really do you know the background of the song.

by tamburix
So what thought or action provoked such a melodic piece that can bring even the mature Christian to tears when sung by the spirit?

Eye on the Sparrow was written in 1905 by  Civilla D. Martin, who wrote the lyrics,  and Charles H. Gabriel, who created the music, worked together to create the hymn that we now know as Eye on the Sparrow. The lyrics are beautiful and simple at the same time.   The song was birthed from a conversation that Civilla and her husband had with friends in New York.  Their friends both had physical issues that prohibited what most would considered a normal life. 

Civilla questioned how they were able to live such happy lives.  Lives in which they were more of an inspiration to others, than down and out about the world and their situation, all the while bringing joy to all those they meet.  The simple reply was, His eye is on the sparrow. This is what moved Civilla to write the poem Eye on the Sparrow.   

Once she finished her poem she shared it with Mr. Gabriel so that he could add music.  The original arrangement of Eye of the Sparrow does not sound much like it is sung today, however its messages still effects many of us that open our hearts to receive. 

Artist such as Rosetta Tharpe, Mahilia Jackson are just a few who were the first to perform the song, but it was not lost to artist like Mickey Newbury, Andy Griffith or even Marvin Gaye. As time passed it became more and more popular and never fell short of expectation, one minute especially when it was sung by artist such as Shirley Caesar Whitney Houston, or Lauryn Hill.  

Keith Fujimoto's photostream

These of course are not the only to perform the song and I am very sure they will not be the last.

Through out the different arrangements, the meaning of the song has not changed.  I see the different arrangements as a form of expression for the different genres as well as the generations.  I hope you get a moment to listen to the original piece.  I was even amazed at the difference of what we here today, but not surprised at how I was still moved by the simplicity of it. 

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Sun Rays

I remember a day in college where the sun was bright, warm and just beautiful.  I remember watching my friends and colleges sitting, laughing and talking and just thinking to myself, how blessed I was at that moment to be able to see and experience the life I was living and how, at times, I tend to take advantage of those blessings. 

My mother made it a point to send me something every once in awhile to encourage me to live life for God and to remember that I was special and had a purpose.  She constantly, even after leaving home, reminded me that I was meant for great things and that I just had to believe this myself.

There was a moment at the end of my college years that I wrote a song for my mother and my sister.  Their encouragement and appreciation for my voice was one part of my motivation to sing.  So I wrote a song to express some of the things that I saw and understood at that time about God.  It was a simple song to me then but reading back on it now I can see a deeper understanding.

I will later share the tune that was created by Angela Ashley and I, but I wanted to share the lyrics. It is a simple song and a simple statement, but when I sit and just think about it, it means much more than that to me now.

As I watch the sun rise above the trees
I see a ray that God has bestowed on me
They’re the rays of a new beginning a fresh day a new start,
And more of His path to cover.
So if I take the time to share and show I care
I’ll shine just as bright as the sunrays
And if I take the time to give and know He lives
I’ll shine just as bright as the sunrays.
The path to Gods house is where I’m going
He leads me there with a new quest each morning
As long as I keep my heart open my mind free
I can always hear what he’s telling me
So if I take the time to share and show I care
I’ll shine just as bright as the sunrays
And If I take the time to give and know He lives
I’ll shine just as bright as the sunray
As I watch the sun rise above the trees
 I feel the rays that God has bestowed on me.
By Tanisha Garfield


Just say Yes…

By epSos.de
We live our lives on a daily basis giving trust to objects created by man without a second thought.  However when it comes to completely trusting and following someone we can’t see or touch some think it’s crazy.  We consistently drive our cars with complete trust the brakes will always work; we put trust in public transportation, and trust in the legal system.  The one thing many have issues with is putting complete trust in God.  

Why not just say yes?
I listened to a sermon the other day where I was reminded that we have to act on our faith on a daily basis.  It is not something where we just say the word we believe and then walk away continuing life as we have always done.  It is something we commit to on a daily basis.  Constantly giving our faith the foundation it needs to be a stronger and better Christian. 

I am by no mean perfect at doing this myself.  I mean think about it.  We know we are to pray, study the bible, give tithes, eat better, and exercise right.  Well whether you need it or not how many of us do it daily.  How many of us look at the burger and say no, or get a salad or even fill the plate with more vegetables than meat.

I was just thinking why is it so hard to put down the junk food, the tobacco, or the alcohol.  If we truly believe that He is there that He will heal us that He will provide us with all that we need, why is so hard to give 10%?
by Tanisha 
We can’t use the excuse that it is hard because like I said earlier we give blind faith to things all the time.  So why can’t we give blind faith to God. 
What I mean by blind faith is that we trust without worrying.  Just think about it next time you are driving and stop at a stop sign.  There are flaws in everything man creates yet we believe, but there are no flaws in what God has created, and no flaws in His plans.

Did the constructors build your home to last through the storms like God builds your heart? 
Did they construct the amusement ride to hold for the entire ride for years to come, like God build your heart to withstand life heartache and sorrows?

These are topics that we briefly think of once in awhile but it should be something we ponder over every minute of every day.  
I am sure most if not all of you have heard the song Eye on the Sparrow, which brings to mind the verse from Matthew 6:26(KJV)

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns: yet your heavenly Gather feedeth them.  Are ye not much better than they?
by ra_hurd

The song discusses how the bird flies, eats lives and breaths with out worry of what of how or when or what will happen to it and that if God will care for the sparrow are we not better, more important than that sparrow that God would do the same and more for us. 

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Gather.  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fewer ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. (Matt. 10:29-31)

So as you drive to work, play with your children, cook dinner or just sit and read a book, remember where to place your faith.  Remember to thank God for the safety of the car, the safety of public transportation and if you are like me and struggle with daily decision as simple as eating to be a better vessel for God think of the that verse and remember that God loves you.  Remember that verse and just say yes to giving your all to God, giving complete faith to Him and His will.


Give Him my Heart

by leonor _arango@yahoo.com

I love, love, love the scripture in which Jesus tells his disciples to let the children come and learn.

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 19:14)

I am able to witness first hand the reality of Gods word in the heart of a child.  They will make mistakes just like everyone else but a child’s heart is less tainted. However in today’s society a child can become easily influenced to do wrong before they are even two years old.

So I thank and praise God every time my children walk and dance around giving praise and worship to God.  I am thankful they have an understanding of who God is.

I use to worry that they may not truly understand the expectations required of them as children of God, but when my youngest told me that she likes wearing her pajamas with the heart on them because she wants and like to give her heart to God, all my doubts disappeared.   



Kindness is like a drug…

Who says that being kind is boring?  Have you ever seen, I mean just really seen the chain reaction from an act of kindness?  No?  Let me share an experience with you. 
Tuesday morning after the kids are all finished with schoolwork, we head out to handle errands. We started off doing the usual, dropping off recycle.  Well after the children helped me they watched another woman who was emptying her bags and so I asked of they wanted to help and with super excited smile, they responded with a yes and quickly walked over to offer there help which she excepted with a smile. 

Once the children were done helping her (this is where it starts) there hands were wet from the liquids from the soda cans (yeah that yucky feeling on the fingers, yeah I know gross right) and before we could even turn to look in our own car she was already heading towards us to offer us wipes for our hands.  It doesn’t matter the size of the act but just the fact that there is one.  The children immediately recognized that and went into an in-depth conversation of how she blessed us and how someone may be a blessing to her.  

We proceeded to the church, and a few other places we headed home.  It was trash day so when we returned home the children wanted to take all the neighbors trash cans back to their home (there is only three on our street) so they got out and walked them to each house.  When I pulled into the driveway the landlord was pulling in the neighbors yard behind us to pick up the tree and branches that were pulled up.  So yeah of course they were stoked about that.  They jumped out of the car and RAN to the tractor to help. 

Well actually they came to an immediate halt when they realized they didn’t know how to ask to help in German.  So I told them to go ahead and start picking some up and putting it in the carrier so he could see what they were trying to do. He gestured that yes they could help him.   They observed all the bugs and branches and mold and although they were grossed out they enjoyed every minute of it.  They finished up and came back to make sure I didn’t need help getting stuff out of the car.  They ended their day with a present on the doorstep from our neighbor, a batch of beautiful fresh flowers from our neighbor’s garden.  

Welcome to Revelations and Music

photography by Carlie Kerchaval

So here we go.  It is about time I revamped my blog right! I spent months thinking about what I was going to blog about... umm-okay maybe a year.  The point is I wanted to make sure it was something that I would enjoy doing continuously.  I ran into the issue of subject and after checking out a few other blogs I realized I am not required to stick to one topic Duhh!  YEAH!!!!

Welcome to Revelations and Music

Like many others I have many likes, gift and/or talent and I want to share most, if not all, with you.  With that said I decided that since I home school and I love singing I would write about my family and music.  The revelation of all of this is that I am blessed with both of these and this would not be a complete blog if I did not share Gods blessing, or my testimonies with you.  

As a mother I am quite busy but I am never too busy to do Gods will.   I home school three children, am a vocal coach, and a vocalist.  I have tried my hand at many other things but as I continue to keep my eyes on God I am always pointed back to those main venues.

I pray that my writings motivate, relieve or excite you about some of the things you may be experiencing yourself.  Remember that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), but God is love and forgiving and always there to catch you, lift you up and redirect you.

Even the smallest things are blessing!

My hubby and I, have always believed that we are blessed and spiritually connected.  I know some of you may not believe in that stuff but when you can think of someone and they call you or feel a certain way and they know when and how to comfort you, it is hard to believe that God does not have his hand at that.  

The day started on a good note.  Two of the three children finished all their work and so we headed out around 12p.m to run errands.  Well... We got as far as finishing at the recycle center and then... 
One of the tires on our van started wobbling and shaking needless to say I pulled over only to realize, that was it for the car, for the day and it was only 1:30 p.m.   Now remember we are in Germany and we do not speak German.  

     So thanks to a great friend of mine who is German and speaks it fluently, (blessing 1); we were able to arrange the van to be taken to the car care center on the post.  

The ADAC personnel gladly dropped us off in front of the PX afterwards (blessing 2) and he did not have to do so because it was not part of his job and I had three children with me.  Bless that man! 

We proceeded to try and get the rental car but she was leaving as we were coming in, but (blessing 3) she came back to help us even though she was about to close for the rest of the day and with a smile and a beautiful personality serve me as if I was the first customer that morning!

Now by this time the children have had only water for snack, but (blessing 4) they lasted through all of that will smiles, happy attitudes, finding something exciting about every part of the journey (for example the ADAC tow truck was the coolest thing ever) which of course gave me even more patients and mental steadiness to deal with the situation.  I thought to take pictures through out the process but was to cloud minded to do so.  This was my first vehicle break down since we have been in Europe and it is very different compared to the states.  This was all over by 5:00 in the evening so 

I bought a little bit of Charlie’s for immediate eating and then cooked when I got home. 

Now through all of this I stayed calm and just knew God was there and when my husband came home that night and only knowing part of what happened that day took the time, after we said pray with the children tucked them in bed, to cook for me while I changed for the night.  I came downstairs to be greeted to a lovely vegetarian meal (blessing 5) candle light and a glass of wine. GOD IS SO VERY GOOD!