Kindness is like a drug…

Who says that being kind is boring?  Have you ever seen, I mean just really seen the chain reaction from an act of kindness?  No?  Let me share an experience with you. 
Tuesday morning after the kids are all finished with schoolwork, we head out to handle errands. We started off doing the usual, dropping off recycle.  Well after the children helped me they watched another woman who was emptying her bags and so I asked of they wanted to help and with super excited smile, they responded with a yes and quickly walked over to offer there help which she excepted with a smile. 

Once the children were done helping her (this is where it starts) there hands were wet from the liquids from the soda cans (yeah that yucky feeling on the fingers, yeah I know gross right) and before we could even turn to look in our own car she was already heading towards us to offer us wipes for our hands.  It doesn’t matter the size of the act but just the fact that there is one.  The children immediately recognized that and went into an in-depth conversation of how she blessed us and how someone may be a blessing to her.  

We proceeded to the church, and a few other places we headed home.  It was trash day so when we returned home the children wanted to take all the neighbors trash cans back to their home (there is only three on our street) so they got out and walked them to each house.  When I pulled into the driveway the landlord was pulling in the neighbors yard behind us to pick up the tree and branches that were pulled up.  So yeah of course they were stoked about that.  They jumped out of the car and RAN to the tractor to help. 

Well actually they came to an immediate halt when they realized they didn’t know how to ask to help in German.  So I told them to go ahead and start picking some up and putting it in the carrier so he could see what they were trying to do. He gestured that yes they could help him.   They observed all the bugs and branches and mold and although they were grossed out they enjoyed every minute of it.  They finished up and came back to make sure I didn’t need help getting stuff out of the car.  They ended their day with a present on the doorstep from our neighbor, a batch of beautiful fresh flowers from our neighbor’s garden.  

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