Welcome to Revelations and Music

photography by Carlie Kerchaval

So here we go.  It is about time I revamped my blog right! I spent months thinking about what I was going to blog about... umm-okay maybe a year.  The point is I wanted to make sure it was something that I would enjoy doing continuously.  I ran into the issue of subject and after checking out a few other blogs I realized I am not required to stick to one topic Duhh!  YEAH!!!!

Welcome to Revelations and Music

Like many others I have many likes, gift and/or talent and I want to share most, if not all, with you.  With that said I decided that since I home school and I love singing I would write about my family and music.  The revelation of all of this is that I am blessed with both of these and this would not be a complete blog if I did not share Gods blessing, or my testimonies with you.  

As a mother I am quite busy but I am never too busy to do Gods will.   I home school three children, am a vocal coach, and a vocalist.  I have tried my hand at many other things but as I continue to keep my eyes on God I am always pointed back to those main venues.

I pray that my writings motivate, relieve or excite you about some of the things you may be experiencing yourself.  Remember that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), but God is love and forgiving and always there to catch you, lift you up and redirect you.

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