Rushing through...

Have you ever driven anywhere and taken that quick look in your side view mirror or out of the back window to check for other cars coming?  You know the kind of look that you think you see everything.  Then, when you proceed to move into the next lane, you are startled by a blaring horn letting you know to go back. 

I think of that and wonder sometimes if that is how we can be with God.  We take a quick listen and rush off to complete the task.  Or half listen and misunderstand what he is telling us all together.

We tend to do that with God at times.  We pray and ask for help, patience, or even courage, but when God try’s to direct us in the way we should go we quickly rush off to do what we think He is telling us to do.  We should remember to slowly look before moving, or sit still and listening intently to the directions so that we are more successful in the ways he directs us.

It is so easy sometimes to get comfortable in the word we know and forget that the word is for constant growth.  So even if you have been a devout Christian for 40 years there is always something that could be learned or practiced, causing us to constantly grow and mature spiritually.

Are actions should reflect the love of instruction from our heavenly father…. (Prov. 12:1).  Not only through our thoughts but also through our actions we are too listen and obey.  To many times we as Christians tend to want to rush through things in life.  Once we start doing that, we begin to miss the smaller things that support the bigger picture.   We make it harder on ourselves to see and understand what it is he wants us to do or say when we get comfortable in one season of our lives and maybe a little to relaxed to where we don’t act with care.  Are actions may become careless and we may begin to allow certain things in our life we KNOW is not of God because we feel we are up for the challenge.

  But of course God is so great and wonderful and knows that we are not perfect and so He waits patiently like a loving parent does for us to sit and listen carefully.  He waits for us to give Him our undivided attention to receive the lesson(s) we are to learn.  Young or old we all have moments that we slip up and rush through. 

Me personally, I am grateful to my God for his guiding hand, patience and understanding.  I believe because He knows us better than we know ourselves he understands and waits till we are ready to listen.


A Small Serving of Patience


So today I started off as it usually does, I had planned to cook this big breakfast that my kids so long for on the weekends.  To me it’s nothing big, just pancakes or french toast, sausage or bacon and eggs, but to them it is the BEST BREAKFAST EVER!  During the thought process and mental preparation of getting ready to cook I receive this thought... let them cook everything.    Well of course my first thought was ugh, I am not sure I have the patience for this. However the thought was persistent and after a minute or two I realize that God is telling me to.   So even though I am not in the mood I proceed to get everything set up for them to cook the breakfast while I guide them.  I only cooked the sausage only because it pops out grease and with it being the first time they cook EVERYTHING themselves.  Man this is going to be a long morning is what I started thinking to myself.

by stu_spivack's
So as I am calling them in to give them instructions and let them know that they will be doing everything, of course they were super excited.  The youngest, who is five, is to short to reach the stove and we don't have much counter space so I assigned her the duty of setting the table.  My son was in charge of the pancakes, and my 7 year old cooked the eggs.  Needless to say the kitchen was alive and very active.  As we got things rolling God began to show me how this was to be a lesson for both the children and me.  He was giving us a lesson on patience and responsibility. 

Sometimes we are quick to do things for our children without realizing that maybe they are able to do it on their own.  He was showing me that I should have more patience and give them more room to grow and to be responsible. 

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right. 
Prov. 20:11

by gemb1's
He was showing my children that patience is not just for the parent but also for the child.  God was helping them to realize that everything does not happen like magic (because children sometimes think everything comes easy and free), as well as showing them first hand, the labor that goes into giving care for their meals and what it means to be patient, even when you may be hungry or tired. 

God wants us to teach and bring our children up in the word.  We are to be examples of walking in Gods word so that they are better able to understand the concept of applying the word to life on a daily basis. So it was important that my patience was expressed and was positive.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Prov. 22:6

by commanderjaygold

Once the breakfast was done, I explained to them how my 5 year old (because she didn’t have much to do she spent most of her time waiting complaining about it taking to long) actions is usually how all of them may act at times when I am doing my best to get it done.  I explained to them how this is not being patient.  By having them cook the meals themselves together they also learned that with one person doing it all it would take longer and maybe a little more difficult, so patience would be a good way to be graceful and kind to those who are helping.

When all was said and done, I think they enjoyed this breakfast just a little more, not just because they cooked it themselves but also because they felt they had a little more responsibility and a better understanding of what it is to be understood.


A Joyous Moment

As I watched my children complete their crafts for their advent calendars, I sat back and watched and enjoyed them. It was a moment of peace.  You see this is our first year working on an advent calendar from beginning to finish. Before I would purchase the ones that have candy or toys in them as a treat for each day.  We would start off great but after the first week I would forget to let them flip it open for the surprise inside.  Looking back, I also realize there was no substance to what I was doing.  I had not given any lessons or reminders to what the calendar was for.  They just saw it as a countdown calendar to Christmas. 

 This year, I felt it had to be different. This year I felt convicted and wanted to make sure they truly understood what it was they were doing, why this month is so special and to make sure they new it WAS NOT about receiving a overload of toys. So when we started they were not sure what to expect. At first they didn't care to read the verses because I read the same story to them early in the day for their bible lesson. They just wanted to do the craft and have fun. 

Well after a few days of the advent calendar my children were reminding me to work on the calendar.  They liked looking for the clues of what they would be doing that day.  I was happy to see that all three of them were enjoying the different projects.

We actually fell behind a few days because we were searching for certain materials for the projects so tonight we sat down and work on them so that we were caught up. Even though I was tired and tempted to wait until tomorrow I didn't and you know, I was grateful that I did not allow my flesh to decide.

 They happily took turns reading and listening to the stories from the bible and patiently waited for instructions of how to create the craft. To continue in this mood of worship they even used there time while waiting for everyone to finish their craft to continue praising God through song and dance. 

 It was one of those moments that I felt so blessed and grateful to be homeschooling. It is moments like this that are confirmations that I am doing what God intended for me to do. So I pulled out the camera and took a few pictures to help hold on to this moment!