Rushing through...

Have you ever driven anywhere and taken that quick look in your side view mirror or out of the back window to check for other cars coming?  You know the kind of look that you think you see everything.  Then, when you proceed to move into the next lane, you are startled by a blaring horn letting you know to go back. 

I think of that and wonder sometimes if that is how we can be with God.  We take a quick listen and rush off to complete the task.  Or half listen and misunderstand what he is telling us all together.

We tend to do that with God at times.  We pray and ask for help, patience, or even courage, but when God try’s to direct us in the way we should go we quickly rush off to do what we think He is telling us to do.  We should remember to slowly look before moving, or sit still and listening intently to the directions so that we are more successful in the ways he directs us.

It is so easy sometimes to get comfortable in the word we know and forget that the word is for constant growth.  So even if you have been a devout Christian for 40 years there is always something that could be learned or practiced, causing us to constantly grow and mature spiritually.

Are actions should reflect the love of instruction from our heavenly father…. (Prov. 12:1).  Not only through our thoughts but also through our actions we are too listen and obey.  To many times we as Christians tend to want to rush through things in life.  Once we start doing that, we begin to miss the smaller things that support the bigger picture.   We make it harder on ourselves to see and understand what it is he wants us to do or say when we get comfortable in one season of our lives and maybe a little to relaxed to where we don’t act with care.  Are actions may become careless and we may begin to allow certain things in our life we KNOW is not of God because we feel we are up for the challenge.

  But of course God is so great and wonderful and knows that we are not perfect and so He waits patiently like a loving parent does for us to sit and listen carefully.  He waits for us to give Him our undivided attention to receive the lesson(s) we are to learn.  Young or old we all have moments that we slip up and rush through. 

Me personally, I am grateful to my God for his guiding hand, patience and understanding.  I believe because He knows us better than we know ourselves he understands and waits till we are ready to listen.

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