A Small Serving of Patience


So today I started off as it usually does, I had planned to cook this big breakfast that my kids so long for on the weekends.  To me it’s nothing big, just pancakes or french toast, sausage or bacon and eggs, but to them it is the BEST BREAKFAST EVER!  During the thought process and mental preparation of getting ready to cook I receive this thought... let them cook everything.    Well of course my first thought was ugh, I am not sure I have the patience for this. However the thought was persistent and after a minute or two I realize that God is telling me to.   So even though I am not in the mood I proceed to get everything set up for them to cook the breakfast while I guide them.  I only cooked the sausage only because it pops out grease and with it being the first time they cook EVERYTHING themselves.  Man this is going to be a long morning is what I started thinking to myself.

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So as I am calling them in to give them instructions and let them know that they will be doing everything, of course they were super excited.  The youngest, who is five, is to short to reach the stove and we don't have much counter space so I assigned her the duty of setting the table.  My son was in charge of the pancakes, and my 7 year old cooked the eggs.  Needless to say the kitchen was alive and very active.  As we got things rolling God began to show me how this was to be a lesson for both the children and me.  He was giving us a lesson on patience and responsibility. 

Sometimes we are quick to do things for our children without realizing that maybe they are able to do it on their own.  He was showing me that I should have more patience and give them more room to grow and to be responsible. 

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right. 
Prov. 20:11

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He was showing my children that patience is not just for the parent but also for the child.  God was helping them to realize that everything does not happen like magic (because children sometimes think everything comes easy and free), as well as showing them first hand, the labor that goes into giving care for their meals and what it means to be patient, even when you may be hungry or tired. 

God wants us to teach and bring our children up in the word.  We are to be examples of walking in Gods word so that they are better able to understand the concept of applying the word to life on a daily basis. So it was important that my patience was expressed and was positive.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Prov. 22:6

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Once the breakfast was done, I explained to them how my 5 year old (because she didn’t have much to do she spent most of her time waiting complaining about it taking to long) actions is usually how all of them may act at times when I am doing my best to get it done.  I explained to them how this is not being patient.  By having them cook the meals themselves together they also learned that with one person doing it all it would take longer and maybe a little more difficult, so patience would be a good way to be graceful and kind to those who are helping.

When all was said and done, I think they enjoyed this breakfast just a little more, not just because they cooked it themselves but also because they felt they had a little more responsibility and a better understanding of what it is to be understood.

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