Ready to Help!

     It is becoming more and more common in today's society for artist to participate or host a charity event.  Its seems that many are also taking it a step up by finding a different way to get people interested in there cause or event.  An AIDS charity which is spearheaded by Alicia Keys will be starting on December the 12 of 2010.  In this event Alicia approaches many artists like Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake, athletes such as Serena Williams, and designers like Kim and Khloe Kardashian to participate in a demonstration, in which they hope to spur the thought of why there is more emotion and effort put into one celebrity dying and not into the millions of people who dying from this terrible disease everyday.  This is a wonderful way to demonstrate the same message that has been shared and repeated yearly. Regardless of the personal motives it is wonderful to see artist come together for such causes.

R&R World

Researching websites can be very tiring and tedious.  So it is always refreshing to stubble across a website that immediately catches my attention.  R&R World has a page full of information in a format that is welcoming instead of over whelming.  The set up creates a wanting to continue reading.  With articles that covers many aspects of the music industry; it would be hard to not find something that would interest you.  The page set up makes it easy to sift through the different topics they offer information on.  The heading tabs are noticeable but not in the fore front so it may be easy to miss.  This website offers information on everything from legal issues to job opportunities.   R&R World through collaboration with CMU is able to offer the worldwide news.  I was so caught up in the different information that is offered that grammar was the last thing on my mind.   This website would be worth the time spent.  The articles are short and simple and the opportunities that are offered to network are easy to join.


NRG Theory Management

At first glance of this website, I am excited.  I think the company has done an excellent job at portraying the energy and vibe of the company and making it a focal point of the site.  This website provides much information about the company well as the artist they work with.  Making sure they hold your attention they continue to provide information on all that they do and in the process, letting you know from the beginning that they cant do it all, as well as their responsibility in the relationship.  By giving viewers the  honest view of themselves it leaves less concern for the interested parties.  NRG Theory Management does a great job at giving plenty of profiles on their clients, and their company.

Struggles of an up and coming artist

Many times we take the artist for granted forgetting the work and dedication they put into their music.  I took the time to talk with a new artist who is still in the early stages of her career.  Angela Moten is originally from Little Rock Arkansas.  She is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University and currently teaches in the Houston Independent school district. Angela is also a wife and mother of two young children. She has been working on her solo career while trying to keep things at home steady and working to support her career.  With so many things on her plate it is wonderful that she has not lost her motivation to push forward in her music career.  Her patience and sincerity shines through her music portraying her as the kind and strong leader that she is.  She has time and again proven to many to be an inspiration and leader for many that cross her path. 

How long have you been writing and singing?
            I’ve been writing since I was 18 years old.  I was four and I started singing in the church with my Dad and Grandmother, who are also musicians.

Besides singing, what do you do for a living?
I teach, but I am working on promoting my album so that I can get to a point where I can stop teaching and make music my main focus and job.

What made you want to become a solo artist?
            I have always wanted to sing, but being a soloist was a little intimidating for me.  I perform with a group before called “Lively Stone”, but basically I decided to just do it after I lost my brother in 2005.  He was always telling me I needed to try and do something on my own.  Between loosing him and my Father constantly encouraging me I started.   Also, loosing my brother made me realize that time is short.   

What would you say is the hardest part of the process for you?
             Promoting myself and finding a balance between working, taking care of family and home, and promoting myself.  Promoting myself is really hard for me because I am not a in your face kind of person.  I know that I need to get out there more in get in a few faces so they will know who I am but that is not me so it is a learning process.

What brings the most joy to you?
            The thing that brings me the most joy is the idea of the future.  I get really excited about my songs out living me.  I want my songs to be motivational and inspirational.  I think of artist from way back from songs like “Blessed assurance”,  “Till We Meet Again”, and “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and how the songs have out lived the artist and still today provide so much encouragement and inspiration the people that listen.  Knowing that is what I am striving for and wanting my music to do the same thing is what brings me joy.

What inspires you?
            I guess the thought of being able to do this for a living.  I am encouraged by the response from the people that I perform for and for the people who listen to my music.  When some one approaches me to tell me how my music brings so much joy and inspiration into their life, I feel inspired. 


Influences of the Artist

How many times have you listened to your favorite artist, day in and out, making a particular song or Album the only thing that mattered in your world?  
I will go ahead and assume that pretty much everyone has had this experience at least once before.
Now, how many times has our mind created this perfect image of that particular artist only to get shattered into pieces by reports of drug abuse, alcoholism or other unworthy behavior?
How does the sudden realization, that our idol is not quite as perfect as we made him/her out to be, affect the love we once felt for their work? Do we suddenly stop loving their music; do we throw the CD in the trash or hide it on a shelf, only to collect dust from now until all eternity?
Does the typical artist even realize how much their work affects us? And do they care?  It doesn't matter if they are Hard Rock, Jazz, Folk song or Gospel artists; they are all human.  So why do we expect so much of them?
Artists and their music have been accused before, to influence minors to commit suicide or going off in rampages shooting everyone that comes their way.  If that is truly the case, is the artist supposed to be held responsible for it?  Is it right to put that kind of pressure and responsibility on them, to expect them to be such positive examples and influences in our lives? To a certain point I believe so.  
Performing artists work for a living just like the rest of us. We are expected to behave and perform in a certain fashion, so they should, too. Unfortunately not everything is quite that black and white.  There is one major difference, of course, between the ordinary population and a famous artist. We come home from work and get a break, they don’t.  They are followed from their house to the grocery store and back home again.  It must feel like being imprisoned in their homes most of the time.  That is, when they are able to be home.
It seems though, that our expectations grow with their fame. The less successful they are, the less we expect of them and the less we watch them.
Those were really the kind of questions I was burning to get an answer for when I interviewed Clarence “Tex” Texada IIII.
I was able to get to hear the point of view of a starting artist.  Mr. Texada is a self produced Jazz pianist, film composer and audio engineer from Houston, Texas.  He now works as a piano instructor in the Dallas Independent School district.  Mr. Texada believes that the artist holds a certain responsibility to the public.  An artist should not only be expected to make great music, but to be a positive role model.   He believes that the artist holds some responsibility for the way their music influences the audience and how they are to be seen in the public eye.  That is one of the factors that are explained to many artists when they are first signed with a company.
"I am not well known to the public but I still know that I set an example to those around me and my students."
 When I asked, if he felt a sense of being held to a higher standard now that he has produced two albums,  "Curiosity" and "Gallery of Dreams", he responded that he didn’t notice a huge difference, which might be due to the fact that he has not quite made it to the for front of the industry yet. He also stated that he is aware that the people who do know of his works do expect a little more professionalism from him.
 He says he is the same now as he was before his music.
The music industry is continuously changing and therefore it is a must to continuously educate your self about those changes. Aside from that, however, he plans on being himself through out his climb to success.  
Even artists who are just at the start of their road to success should, and most do, know and understand this.

Website Review - Verity Record

Verity Records website, advertises and discuss the latest information about their company and the artist their artist.  With the initial look at verityrecords.com it is very appealing to the eye.  It offers many options such as viewing new artist, watching videos, purchasing music, to information about an artist and their recent works.  The design itself gives an angelic feel, which is quite fitting since verity is a gospel music group that is a division of Sony Music Entertainment.  With options like news, blogs, mobile, community and shop at the top of the pages it seems there is nothing else to add.  Yet Verity makes sure to not let you miss a beat by adding options that allow you to see a little of the inside of the company through their “know talent ” link.  This link takes you to another section of this site where you are not only able to read advice on different topics but also get a inside view of some staff that work to make verity what it is today.   The design not only catches my attention at first site but I find my self, wanting to explore each link because if offers much information that seems to be never ending.  Information that is not only informative but gives a bit of education at the same time.  With this said like many sites there may be a few grammatical errors here and there but even the best of the best can make mistakes now and then.   No one is perfect as; there may be a few in my own blog as you read. 
Like many sites today verityrecords.com also gives the consumer the option to by, and become a part of their mailing list.  I of course, joined the list as soon as I could.  In doing this I was a little apprehensive of all the advertisement mail that I would receive and as of today I am happy to say I was not bogged down by advertisements.    
All in all my opinion of verityrecords.com would be, I would send it to everyone I knew that could, would, and should benefit from a one-stop shop for gospel music.