Struggles of an up and coming artist

Many times we take the artist for granted forgetting the work and dedication they put into their music.  I took the time to talk with a new artist who is still in the early stages of her career.  Angela Moten is originally from Little Rock Arkansas.  She is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University and currently teaches in the Houston Independent school district. Angela is also a wife and mother of two young children. She has been working on her solo career while trying to keep things at home steady and working to support her career.  With so many things on her plate it is wonderful that she has not lost her motivation to push forward in her music career.  Her patience and sincerity shines through her music portraying her as the kind and strong leader that she is.  She has time and again proven to many to be an inspiration and leader for many that cross her path. 

How long have you been writing and singing?
            I’ve been writing since I was 18 years old.  I was four and I started singing in the church with my Dad and Grandmother, who are also musicians.

Besides singing, what do you do for a living?
I teach, but I am working on promoting my album so that I can get to a point where I can stop teaching and make music my main focus and job.

What made you want to become a solo artist?
            I have always wanted to sing, but being a soloist was a little intimidating for me.  I perform with a group before called “Lively Stone”, but basically I decided to just do it after I lost my brother in 2005.  He was always telling me I needed to try and do something on my own.  Between loosing him and my Father constantly encouraging me I started.   Also, loosing my brother made me realize that time is short.   

What would you say is the hardest part of the process for you?
             Promoting myself and finding a balance between working, taking care of family and home, and promoting myself.  Promoting myself is really hard for me because I am not a in your face kind of person.  I know that I need to get out there more in get in a few faces so they will know who I am but that is not me so it is a learning process.

What brings the most joy to you?
            The thing that brings me the most joy is the idea of the future.  I get really excited about my songs out living me.  I want my songs to be motivational and inspirational.  I think of artist from way back from songs like “Blessed assurance”,  “Till We Meet Again”, and “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and how the songs have out lived the artist and still today provide so much encouragement and inspiration the people that listen.  Knowing that is what I am striving for and wanting my music to do the same thing is what brings me joy.

What inspires you?
            I guess the thought of being able to do this for a living.  I am encouraged by the response from the people that I perform for and for the people who listen to my music.  When some one approaches me to tell me how my music brings so much joy and inspiration into their life, I feel inspired. 

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