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Verity Records website, advertises and discuss the latest information about their company and the artist their artist.  With the initial look at verityrecords.com it is very appealing to the eye.  It offers many options such as viewing new artist, watching videos, purchasing music, to information about an artist and their recent works.  The design itself gives an angelic feel, which is quite fitting since verity is a gospel music group that is a division of Sony Music Entertainment.  With options like news, blogs, mobile, community and shop at the top of the pages it seems there is nothing else to add.  Yet Verity makes sure to not let you miss a beat by adding options that allow you to see a little of the inside of the company through their “know talent ” link.  This link takes you to another section of this site where you are not only able to read advice on different topics but also get a inside view of some staff that work to make verity what it is today.   The design not only catches my attention at first site but I find my self, wanting to explore each link because if offers much information that seems to be never ending.  Information that is not only informative but gives a bit of education at the same time.  With this said like many sites there may be a few grammatical errors here and there but even the best of the best can make mistakes now and then.   No one is perfect as; there may be a few in my own blog as you read. 
Like many sites today verityrecords.com also gives the consumer the option to by, and become a part of their mailing list.  I of course, joined the list as soon as I could.  In doing this I was a little apprehensive of all the advertisement mail that I would receive and as of today I am happy to say I was not bogged down by advertisements.    
All in all my opinion of verityrecords.com would be, I would send it to everyone I knew that could, would, and should benefit from a one-stop shop for gospel music.

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