R&R World

Researching websites can be very tiring and tedious.  So it is always refreshing to stubble across a website that immediately catches my attention.  R&R World has a page full of information in a format that is welcoming instead of over whelming.  The set up creates a wanting to continue reading.  With articles that covers many aspects of the music industry; it would be hard to not find something that would interest you.  The page set up makes it easy to sift through the different topics they offer information on.  The heading tabs are noticeable but not in the fore front so it may be easy to miss.  This website offers information on everything from legal issues to job opportunities.   R&R World through collaboration with CMU is able to offer the worldwide news.  I was so caught up in the different information that is offered that grammar was the last thing on my mind.   This website would be worth the time spent.  The articles are short and simple and the opportunities that are offered to network are easy to join.

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