Even the smallest things are blessing!

My hubby and I, have always believed that we are blessed and spiritually connected.  I know some of you may not believe in that stuff but when you can think of someone and they call you or feel a certain way and they know when and how to comfort you, it is hard to believe that God does not have his hand at that.  

The day started on a good note.  Two of the three children finished all their work and so we headed out around 12p.m to run errands.  Well... We got as far as finishing at the recycle center and then... 
One of the tires on our van started wobbling and shaking needless to say I pulled over only to realize, that was it for the car, for the day and it was only 1:30 p.m.   Now remember we are in Germany and we do not speak German.  

     So thanks to a great friend of mine who is German and speaks it fluently, (blessing 1); we were able to arrange the van to be taken to the car care center on the post.  

The ADAC personnel gladly dropped us off in front of the PX afterwards (blessing 2) and he did not have to do so because it was not part of his job and I had three children with me.  Bless that man! 

We proceeded to try and get the rental car but she was leaving as we were coming in, but (blessing 3) she came back to help us even though she was about to close for the rest of the day and with a smile and a beautiful personality serve me as if I was the first customer that morning!

Now by this time the children have had only water for snack, but (blessing 4) they lasted through all of that will smiles, happy attitudes, finding something exciting about every part of the journey (for example the ADAC tow truck was the coolest thing ever) which of course gave me even more patients and mental steadiness to deal with the situation.  I thought to take pictures through out the process but was to cloud minded to do so.  This was my first vehicle break down since we have been in Europe and it is very different compared to the states.  This was all over by 5:00 in the evening so 

I bought a little bit of Charlie’s for immediate eating and then cooked when I got home. 

Now through all of this I stayed calm and just knew God was there and when my husband came home that night and only knowing part of what happened that day took the time, after we said pray with the children tucked them in bed, to cook for me while I changed for the night.  I came downstairs to be greeted to a lovely vegetarian meal (blessing 5) candle light and a glass of wine. GOD IS SO VERY GOOD!  

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