Here is a thought.....

Okay, so let me take a moment to just rant.
The Arts is something that may be beneficial or evil, soothing or painful.  Which way do you want to take it?  Me?  Well, it is nothing but pleasure that eases my soul.  I mean, think about music and how it is truly a universal language.  It doesn't  matter the language it is sung it cause if you can comprehend the lyrics you can definitely feel the music.  Well, at least with the good music.
Yeah I said it, good music!  We all know that everything that is put on the radio is not the real nitty gritty good.  When I say good I mean that you will be humming the music years after it is taken off the radio and off the shelves.  That the song or album left a marker in your life.  The song, that every time you here it will, send your mind and body to the exact spot you were in when you heard it for the first time.  I know you know exactly what I am talking about.  This is not just in one genre either.  It is just music in general.   Oh, and just so you know I am still here on planet earth I know that my comments are not true for everyone, but I have yet to meet that one person who can say that music has not moved them.  

So here is a thought for you.  What do you think is happening to the music industry? Are we (the general fan base) too focused on the lives and latest gossip of the artist's life and less on the music they put out?  If so how does that effect the world on a daily basis?  I would say that too many songs encourage the make the money motto.
Yes I said it! Their tends to be to many artist that is focused more on making the money and less on creating art.  Oh no!!! I may be in trouble now!  We will see!  What do you have to say about that?

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