Just say Yes…

By epSos.de
We live our lives on a daily basis giving trust to objects created by man without a second thought.  However when it comes to completely trusting and following someone we can’t see or touch some think it’s crazy.  We consistently drive our cars with complete trust the brakes will always work; we put trust in public transportation, and trust in the legal system.  The one thing many have issues with is putting complete trust in God.  

Why not just say yes?
I listened to a sermon the other day where I was reminded that we have to act on our faith on a daily basis.  It is not something where we just say the word we believe and then walk away continuing life as we have always done.  It is something we commit to on a daily basis.  Constantly giving our faith the foundation it needs to be a stronger and better Christian. 

I am by no mean perfect at doing this myself.  I mean think about it.  We know we are to pray, study the bible, give tithes, eat better, and exercise right.  Well whether you need it or not how many of us do it daily.  How many of us look at the burger and say no, or get a salad or even fill the plate with more vegetables than meat.

I was just thinking why is it so hard to put down the junk food, the tobacco, or the alcohol.  If we truly believe that He is there that He will heal us that He will provide us with all that we need, why is so hard to give 10%?
by Tanisha 
We can’t use the excuse that it is hard because like I said earlier we give blind faith to things all the time.  So why can’t we give blind faith to God. 
What I mean by blind faith is that we trust without worrying.  Just think about it next time you are driving and stop at a stop sign.  There are flaws in everything man creates yet we believe, but there are no flaws in what God has created, and no flaws in His plans.

Did the constructors build your home to last through the storms like God builds your heart? 
Did they construct the amusement ride to hold for the entire ride for years to come, like God build your heart to withstand life heartache and sorrows?

These are topics that we briefly think of once in awhile but it should be something we ponder over every minute of every day.  
I am sure most if not all of you have heard the song Eye on the Sparrow, which brings to mind the verse from Matthew 6:26(KJV)

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns: yet your heavenly Gather feedeth them.  Are ye not much better than they?
by ra_hurd

The song discusses how the bird flies, eats lives and breaths with out worry of what of how or when or what will happen to it and that if God will care for the sparrow are we not better, more important than that sparrow that God would do the same and more for us. 

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Gather.  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fewer ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. (Matt. 10:29-31)

So as you drive to work, play with your children, cook dinner or just sit and read a book, remember where to place your faith.  Remember to thank God for the safety of the car, the safety of public transportation and if you are like me and struggle with daily decision as simple as eating to be a better vessel for God think of the that verse and remember that God loves you.  Remember that verse and just say yes to giving your all to God, giving complete faith to Him and His will.

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