Music and Technology

It has become painfully obvious of the decline in profits in the music industry.  There are many ways to slow this decline but which way is the correct way or the most profitable way.  According to Johnny Ryan and All├Ęgre L. Hadida, the music industry may be able to pick up some of the speed through the gaming industry.  Comparing the gaming industry to the music industry one can see how the music industry may not be using all of its options to its fullest.  By zoning more into the gaming industry the music industry will not only have better control over piracy, but it may also open new and more venues to the public to enjoy all forms of music.  By giving the public more option to explore enjoy and create through different venues that require customers to become part of a virtual club gives some, if not all, of the control back to the industry.  By using virtual gaming consumers may be able to create music with friends all over the world as well as participate in creation of tracks with different artist. This may be something that more companies in the music industry should take into consideration if they have not already.  Most music companies have back catalogues that may be use, which will give a financial foundation to build from, and consumer relationship that is sure to grow granted the club serves the consumer wants and needs. Through gaming consumers will have less need to copy music to share if they are able to share with others them online.  The music industry is not totally lost to the digital cause. Jon Fine believes that the music industry will be fine.  He makes a points out that as long as there is someone willing to create there will always be someone to listen to it, as well as the fact that in this digital age artist are able to reap more of the profits for themselves by cutting out the middle man.  What does this mean for the music industry?  My understanding is that there will always be a need to create music and as long as there is some form to sell it or purchase it there is no need to worry.  

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