Making the most of it

In today's society the Internet is becoming the way of business for everything.  This is something that can be grabbed by the horns or fought against it every step of the way.  For an artist, it is becoming more of an advantage to go with the flow.  Artist are able to not only connect on a more personal level with their fans, but they are also able to advertise, promote, and distribute more through the Internet than any other form.  For example, Justin Beiber started out with YouTube and Twitter, by sending simply messages of where he was and what he was doing and sharing home videos of his self performing in different places.  He took the industry by surprise with his resourcefulness as well as his charm and voice.  He was able to establish a large fan base before he was a "well-known" artist.  Of course his determination and persistence in achieving his goals has a lot to do with it, but his and his mothers ability to use proper resources on the Internet is what helped to bring it all together.

Sites such as Myspace were one of the first with the ability to advertise and promote oneself, but YouTube has become one of the largest methods to search and find new and up coming artist.  Justin's mother could see his potential and love for music and began sharing that with friends family and the world through YouTube.  Little did she know he would receive so much attention.  With managers and labels searching YouTube on a daily basis it is not surprising that this young artist was soon discovered.  It was not long before he was able to communicate his wants and goals to Labels and artist such as Usher and Justin Timberlake.  Once his career officially took off, it did not stop him from communicating with his fans in the same fashion.  His humble and kind personality only help to gain more respect and fans.  Even those who could careless for his music or him in general still know who he is or at least have heard his name and sometimes that is all it takes.
Now of course he is not the only artist found from YouTube, but he is a great example of how the Internet can be something positive for artist and labels, if it is used to their advantage.  
Another amazing factor is that it is not just for vocal artist and musicians.  The full spectrum of entertainment can use and has used Youtube and other sites like it to put their product out their for all to see.  Whether it is a dancer like Chang Chang or seminars about entertainment, one has a whole world of opportunities to explore.   

Knowing what the people want and giving it to them along with easy access to the artist are both plus factors in helping the artist grow in their career. Many may see YouTube as a free for all website that causes loss of profits for the artist, however it can also be a free tool for the artist to be seen and further promote themselves for years to come.

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