The Artist Ego

There are times when confidence is a plus and moments when it is down right rude.  Where is the middle for the ego?  In order to make in the entertainment industry is is a requirement to have some confidence.  Without confidence it would be hard to make it in a industry that uses the word No more than a baby cries. This does not mean the artist is to think they are the end all, and be all of their craft, rather it is for them to understand and believe in their capabilities all the while being open to constructive criticism.  It is in the criticism that one can continue to grow in their art.  So when do you know you have to much confidence? Well, take a look at your performance track. The more cocky you get the less work you may receive.  There are many people who like the cocky attitude and confidence but even their patience can run thin after while.  It is better to have confidence and be able to be humble at the same time.  There are many sites and books that offer different tips on gaining confidence.  Grab a book and read it.  Really read it and not skim through it.  Realize that the constant NO's can be the practice tool to help you toughen up a little and not to be too crushed with every rejection.  Take the no's and making them into yes's.  Their are many stars today who will be quick to tell you they receive many rejections before they got the golden yes.  While learning to except No and learning how to use them as building blocks, remember that your body, your voice, your image is part of your confidence package.  So you must keep it is in very good shape.  Eat right, exercise and eventually all aspects will come together at the right time.


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