Trial and tribulations of copyrights

There are many cases in which companies or people are being sued and questions about copyrights infringements.  Whether it is for a cause, a business or within the music industry, there seems to be much issue with name and/or use infringements.  Who is the original owner or who has the exclusive rights? Many of these issues would be null and void had all taken the proper steps to ensure their product were registered as well as proper steps to ensure name, product or material was not claimed.  

Arbaaz Khan and Abhinar are said to be in controversy of the ownership of the Bollywood movie DaBang.  With DaBang 2 in the works Arbaaz is questioned as too who is to be credited for the second movie and whether Abhinar is the creator of the first film.  Arbaaz establishes the true writer to be Dilip Shukla, while at the same establishing Abhinar was given credit due for his contributions to the writing of the first movie DaBang.

With the constant technology improvements it is no wonder the industry is in constant battle for copyrights.  File sharing to cancelations of local performances Copyright laws seem to be a persistent issue in the industry. 

As members of singing duo Xuriyanggang, Wang Xu and Liu Gang became popular through the use of Wang Feng song In the Spring.  Once it was clear that Xuriyanggang were making way in the industry Wang Feng forbade them any further use of the song.  The permission was initially given to help open the way on their path, but it became increasingly clear that those privileges were being taken advantage of.  There are many in China that feel Wang Feng is being selfish but in the end it is his right and quite considerate of him to allow them that use and not sue for the money they began to make from the use of his music.   Xuriyanggang was making up to 7,500 a show and part of that success is believed to be from the use of Feng’s material.  In the end, this is one story that ends with a positive that the new artist apologizes to the writer and actually apologizes for the over use of his material.  Also stating their understanding of such decision.  Yet and still Yeng may have lost some followers because of this event.

Will there ever be a moment that all the ducks will be lined in a row when it comes to copyright infringements.  Well only time will tell, but events and issues such as the Napstar or better yet Limewire, does not give much hope. 
Still today Mark Gorton is dealing with lawsuits over copyright infringement of recordings.  Lime Wire, founded by Mark, is considered to have the highest rate of damages in the recording industry. On October 26, 2010, they were ordered to stop distribution of downloads. Today Limewire is still on hold.  This is a primary example of how technology can ruin the industry if the music industry can not find a way to incorporate these benefits. While it is not fair to the artist to loose out on so much of the profit, it is also hurting them to continue to fight something that is becoming more and more inevitable.  So again I ask how long will it take before the industry creates different ways and update laws better  handles such issues? 

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