Behind the scenes


When most people think of fame they think, lots of money, big houses, unique cars, large wardrobe, and unlimited access to all forms of jewelry.  This has become more of the thought process for many people as time goes on and more stars are flaunting their success.  What many people do not take into consideration though, is the sweat, blood, and tears that many artist put into their work to earn those things.  As the common saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side.  If we were to take a moment a listen to what many artists are saying, you may here warnings and truth about the inside work of the entertainment industry.  You may also here encouragement to stay strong in who you are and what you believe in.  These types of interviews are not posted or aired as much as those that tell the drama and horror of many of their lives.  Why is that?  If we were to stop focusing on drama in their personal lives and more on the positive effects that their art has on us what would happen? 
This video was put together as an example of some of the things that is put out in the media but not enough for most of the population to catch.


What is it about the negative news that makes the industry seem to thrive even more?  Why is there so much pier pressure on artist to be, act, and live a certain way?  There was once a time when being an artist meant you had some form of freedom to express your art.  Whether it is through music, photography, sports, modeling etc.  Now it seems that art expression and the entertainment industry are becoming two separate entities. 

There are a few, who you will not or rarely here of in the tabloids.  How did they escape the masquerade of drama?  Entertainers such as Denzel Washington, Tom hanks, Julia Roberts, or Will Smith are heard of in advertisements not tabloids. So why is their story different?  Could it be they are part of the few who held strong to their beliefs and morals and did not allow the drama that swarms the entertainment industry to damage or destroy their lives or careers? 

Well in Will Smiths case, he seems to take it and spit it back in the tabloids face by being a open with his life and letting them know that there are no lies for them to scrape up and spread across the tabloids.  This doesn’t always work for everyone though.  It would seem that each artist should in the beginning figure out what it is they want and stick with that and not let anyone tell them different.  That is what seems to work for those who are successful and are not negatively affected by the industry.  This of course is always easier said than done.


  1. wow...what a great article. something to think about definitely!

  2. I think so may people focus on the negative that there is no energy or spirit left to care about the positive!