Investment for you and the community

When looking for funding one should be aware of he amount as well as the purpose for the financing.  It is also useful to be aware of the different types of funding that may be available and in what form you are seeking the funding.  It is not required to seek funding just from a bank or form individuals who are looking to invest.  Depending on ones needs one may also look to community financial institutions.

Coalition of Community Development Financial Institutions is one of many examples.  This institution not only offers funding towards small business owners, they seek to do so in lower income communities. Financial opportunities vary from financing a small business to providing capitol to rebuild communities.  There financing is focused towards fair financial options for underserved people and communities.  This would be useful for those who are currently considered to be in the lower income status and are seeking to start or continue a small business.  Microenterprise Development Loan Fund is one form of funding in which they seek to encourage social and business development.  After 11 years of service, they have continued to grow not only in the funding but in memberships as well.  This allows the company to continue to be a positive resource for those who are seeking funding for a small business.

If one is looking for something that may be more a specific support, there are also options of financing.   Oweesta is another financing opportunity that looks to provide financing and assistance to Native communities. Like Microenterprise, Oweesta has a variety of funding for the Native community, fostering their growth and the rebuilding.   Their Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development is created to assist with the change in the economic movement allowing private businesses, and homeownership to prosper.   This allows entrepreneurs to receive funding it also creates more opportunities of employment for the community. 

Both financial institutions are geared towards the betterment of the community. They offer opportunity for the small business entrepreneurs, support for education and support for creating new or more employment opportunities.  If one is seeking a financial supporter that is looking to invest in your community as well as your business the two mention companies would be good options to look at if you qualify for them. 

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