Trends in Christian/Gospel Music

In today’s society it is not uncommon to hear a Christian/Gospel artist singing with a hip-hop, R&B, or Country artist.  This effort to blend more with the modern sound is becoming more of the trend and more of an exception.  It doesn’t stop there though.   It has always been said that the word needs to reach everyone in every form possible.  Should it stop with Christian/Gospel artist blending in with the more common genres like rock?  Mar Mary for example not have not only sung with rap artist but now they are partnering with different companies like Pillsbury to advertise a new product that is being introduce to the market.  Is it safe for Mary Mary to associate them selves in such manner?  Will it put a splinter in their career to sing the jingle for the new product?  I would think not.  This is a trend that is catching and resourceful.   This would more than likely increase the number of listeners as well as the number of shoppers who may purchase the product.     “On Monday morning, August 28th at Chicago's Union Station, the duo joined brand ambassador the Pillsbury Doughboy for the thrilling kick-off event, during which morning commuters received a complimentary taste of the new Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches.”


They are not the only ones starting something new though.  A crew call H4P is starting a new trend of gospel music in the theatres. “Even though the group is very young, it has taken up a social responsibility to save lives through the distribution of mosquito treated nets throughout the country.”  H4P follows in the same idea that Tyler Perry has created.  One of the differences is that H4P was created to encourage, inspire, and motivate Ghanaians.  There artistic abilities have caught on to the general public and now they are able to work nationally, spreading their message through voice and theater. 

The music industry has always had a trend of artist that is able to adventure out of the form of music.  The trend that is different over all for Christian/Gospel artist is the multitude of recognition they seem to receiving more of.  This does not come in only one form.  The recognition is in music, theater and now food.  Who knows what will be added to the Christian/Gospel trends.  I will definitely be keeping my eyes open.

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